Randy Mullis was born in 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended both public and private elementary and high schools and served a five year apprenticeship at the Mechanical Institute of Atlanta majoring in plumbing. During his apprenticeship, he worked during the day as an apprentice and attended school at night. In 1979 he was certified as a Master Plumber and received Master License.
After working on many existing and new construction projects, he decided to launch his own business forming Mullis Plumbing Company.

Mullis Plumbing Company operated in and around Atlanta until 1989 when Randy decided to relocate to the Alabama Coast. Having moved to Gulf Shores, Randy decided to work for his father, Buddy Mullis at Mullis Plumbing Supply, a wholesale plumbing supply company located in Orange Beach. Instrumental in the initial set-up and operation, Randy was a driving force in building the primary source for wholesale plumbing materials in the area but could not resist the temptation to get back into the "trade."

Through Mullis Plumbing Supply, he met several area plumbers and chose to serve with two of the larger plumbing companies in the area for a few years before striking out on his own in the South Baldwin area. By 1993, having earned the respect of his South Baldwin neighbors, Randy opened Coastal Plumbing & Heating, LTD at the encouragement of several of the areas top business owners he had served.

Restaurants, condo and home owners, major developers and builders had seen his "big city" skill and work ethic and knew that Randy Mullis and Coastal Plumbing & Heating, LTD would be a valuable asset to the community. During the first 10 years, Coastal Plumbing & Heating, LTD met the demand of a rapidly growing south Alabama economy. Largely focused on new construction and repair in residential market, Randy expanded the mission of Coastal Plumbing to include both commercial and governmental customers including the purchasing agents for cities, counties and the State of Alabama itself.

Always optimistic and adaptable, the recent down-turn of the economy has inspired Randy to focus more on plumbing service and repair for both residential and commercial customers. In the face of temporary economic adversity, Randy has shown the South Baldwin community that there really is "no job too big or small" for Coastal Plumbing & Heating, LTD.


Coastal Plumbing & Heating, LTD
Owner: W. Randall Mullis
P.O. Box 2895
Gulf Shores, AL 36547

Office: (251) 968-4628
Cell: (251) 942-7552